1:00 p.m. on May 02, 2006

I was tagged by the glorious f-i-n, but I am pretty sure I have no weird habits.

I used to talk on the telephone a lot and once spent 7 consecutive hours talking on the phone with a boy I loved who lived in another town. The invention of email has broken Ma Bells heart.

I use about 20 Q-tips a day.

I like nuts, but I do not like nuts in my chocolate. I like almonds, but I do not like them mixed with other nuts.

If someone knocks on my door, I more than likely will not answer. If Sasha is home he will answer the door, but not before I have run into the back room to hide. I am shy.

I used to cut class a lot in high school. Typing class was the number one class I cut. I would wait until the teacher took roll and then I would sneak out while everyone was busy typing FFF GGG. The class was at the same time as 5th period lunch, so I would blend with the upper classmen and hang out with friends. I never learned to properly type. Ironically I now type about 8 billion words per day, everyday. I am the fastest two-finger typest in the West.

I have a friend who likes ladybugs. One year for her birthday I got the brilliant idea of getting her 2500 live ladybugs as a gift. You can buy them at garden stores to help control the aphid levels in your yard. I thought they would come in a jar, but they came in a giant plastic bag plucked from the refrigerator to keep them sedated. Since I bought them just hours before her party, I did not have a jar handy to enclose them and wrap them like a gift, so I used a shoe box. This was a bad idea. The second I dumped the bag of ladybugs into the shoebox, they made a break for it and I soon had over 1000 ladybugs climbing the walls of my kitchen up into the cupboards. I started screaming: “HELP ME!” as I struggled to scoop them back into the shoe box. I managed to coral about half of them and put the lid on the box, but they continued to try and crawl out the sides through any unsecured part of the lid. I sealed the lid of the box on with clear packing tape, accidentally encasing some the creatures under the tape and sticking them to the side of the box. I poked little holes on the top of the box as I surveyed my apartment, ladybugs everywhere. Most of them had continued to crawl upwards through any crack or crevice they could find. Since I was the bottom apartment, I reveled in the thought of the neighbors wondering why ladybugs were suddenly swarming their living space. When my friend opened her gift, she was laughing hysterically, but with a total look of “What the Fuck?” on her face. We let the remaining bugs go her in garden and it was actually quite lovely, but I probably will never do that again.

I'm tagging wickedcrazy, bettyford, geek-betty, poopiebitch, serenaville, AND sparkspark.
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