11:40 a.m. on September 01, 2006

There was not much to do in the very small Wisconsin town we were visiting, so when the Farmers market is open, everybody goes. We ran into Sasha’s dad’s ex-wife and 2 of his brothers ex-girlfriends. They even had a band playing:

Here is a secret shot of the Quakers selling their wares.

Sasha’s brother works in a can factory and we got a tour of the facility. “This is how you make cans”, he said:



Sasha’s parents had a very beautiful house with lots of land and gardens. Here is a little frog inside a flower:

Here is a big cock:

His parents own a Hybrid car and his brother owns a car he transformed into a grease car so that it runs entirely on vegetable oil. You can imagine it smells like a fryer when it’s tooling down the road:

On the last morning of our visit, the clouds gathered in the form of cool whip just for me:

And just because I don’t have enough photos of the trip, here is one of my cat, Jiffy, wearing my grandma’s underpants:

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