How much skin is that?
11:01 a.m. on June 14, 2004
I have to pee, but I donít want to.

So, my allergy rash is in a new molting stage. Instead of looking all red and monster-like, it is flaking off like a million sunburns. My bed in the morning is just a pile of white, flaky bits of dried skin.

I went to a bridal shower yesterday, my 100th this year. This time it was for a pseudo friend I see once a year held at her friendsí mother-in-lawís house; a multi-million dollar Tudor in the Interlaken area of Seattle. Letís just say I felt more than a little uncomfortable in that setting, not to mention very bored. My one joy was that while I had to sit and watch the bride open her 10th set of towels, I was shedding profusely leaving a giant pile of my DNA on the leather settee. I left after the high tea & they forgot to give me my little party favor, the bastards!

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