10:04 a.m. on November 11, 2004
I wear menís deodorant. I like the smell way better than what they offer women for deodorant. Sasha does not mind; he does not even wear deodorant.

Lately I have been noticing that towards the end of the day, my underarm odor begins to sour and gets worse during any amount of exercise. I figured this was about the different PH balances of men and women I hear about on commercials and that it must be true. Last night I decided to suck it up and get some deodorant made for women. The selection was a lot sparser than what they offer for menís stinky pits. My choice was between pink packaged tubes of roll-on that smelled like baby powder or cutesy looking containers of roll-on that smelled of dead flowers. I kept looking and found a blue container that said Shower Fresh. From what I could tell, it did not seem so bad so I plopped it in my cart.

Today at work I keep sensing a cheap perfume stench that is making me sneeze. To my horror, I remembered that I was trying out the new deodorant today and the fresh babyís bottom stink that is clogging up my nasal passages is my own underarms! GAH! WHY!?

I am going back to the Rocky Mountain Right Guard as soon as I get home.

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