Fast Friends
11:02 a.m. on April 02, 2004
Walking home from work on a comfortable warm evening, I noticed a kid in his early 20’s going up to people on the sidewalk and saying something to them before they shook their heads and walked away. I overheard him ask one business lady dressed in a skirt, suit jacket and white tennis shoes, if she would buy him a camera. She shook her head and picked up her pace to get away from him. I walked passed him, but instead of speaking to me, he went up to an older man and asked him if he would buy him a leather wallet. The man of course said no and walked away. I lingered so that I would have another chance to walk by the kid in hopes he would speak to me. He was your run-of-the-mill white kid, medium height, mussed, brown hair and freckled face. As I walked passed him for the second time, he leaned my way and asked if I would buy him a Velvet Underground CD. I said: “sure”! I had a bunch of tip money burning a hole in my pocket anyway & I knew it would surprise the kid to get any takers. He said there was a record store a few blocks away, so we walked there together, exchanging names and humorous small talk. I started to fantasize that he would think I was so cool for going along with this and we would become fast friends. I thought about having him come home with me to hang out & get some lunch and explaining to my roommate how we met, having a good laugh over the whole thing. The store did not have any Velvet Underground CD’s, so he wanted to get a Deep Purple album instead. I said, sorry, I agreed to velvet Underground. So then he asked if he could get a Lou Reed CD and I acquiesced, because it was close enough. After I bought him the CD, he said thanks and took off, our new-found friendship gone forever. I am just glad he did not ask me to buy him a stereo!

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