Commemorative Tat goes awry
11:13 a.m. on May 25, 2004
A Rash Update

My lovely dermatologist, Tina Finesmith, says she is simply pretty darn sure that the culprit of my nasty little, full body rash is indeed the memorial tattoo. I am now in the process of getting patch tested for cobalt & chrome, common metals found in blue ink. I cannot bathe or shower for 48 hours. It is ironic that my favorite color is causing me so much pain & misery (it is no coincidence that it is the same color as my background for this winning diary). More irony is that it is the Tattoo I got for my Mom. I guess she does not want me to be blue anymore; thatís for damn sure. If the patch test comes up positive, then I have to have the tattoo cut out. They cannot laser it off for fear that it would release the blue ink deeper into my cells & my skin would fall off. Cutting it out may require skin graphs. This is so much fun. That is a lot of trouble over 2 x 2 inch space above my right knee; this is the kind of luck I have. I mean: being allergic to your own tattoo is the nerdiest thing I have ever heard.

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