Bus Plus
10:32 a.m. on September 28, 2004

My car is in the shop, so I took the bus home yesterday. While walking to the bus, I was thinking about how much I missed taking it as a daily thing. I can get in a ton of reading and something always interesting happens. Well, the bus was late and the new book I got was not turning me on. The ride was not uneventful, however, because a third of the way to my destination, an ambulance and fire truck were blocking the entire road ahead. I got off the bus with several others & we began to walk. Someone asked a fireman if the sidewalk was closed, but he said to go on ahead, just be careful crossing the street. We soon understood why he said that, because as we passed by we could see that a large white van that had been turning left had run over a pedestrian. He was alive, but badly hurt. He was knocked right out of his shoes. As we walked away from the scene, several people passed me, was I walking too slow? One guy tried to hurry by me and he ended tripping. He did not fall, but made quite a ruckus. I snickered until he looked right at me & said: “Did you see that? That branch tried to take me out”. “Good thing an ambulance is nearby”, was all I could think of to say back.

1. Mount St. Helen’s is experiencing swarms of earthquakes every two minutes, should you worry? Tee hee hee (nervous laughter).

2. Is it too cliché to be attracted to the UPS guy?

3. Should you get the hint if your therapist canceled on you two weeks ago & is not returning your phone calls?

4. If someone thanks you for the wedding gift you got them & mentions the wrong item that is actually $30 more than what you really sent, should you say something?

5. Is it wrong to love office supplies?

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