9:47 a.m. on November 03, 2004
I am shocked and amazed.

What the hell happened?

I had a lot of hope here, folks. In fact, I was pretty damn sure things would go the other way.

I am horrified.

This is quite a blow to my vision of the future.

I am not giving up on America, but I am very scared for us. For the world.


What the hell?!

Oh my god.

When I went to sleep, there was still some hope. I had a nightmare & bolted up out of bed ready to fight. Now I just feel cold.

We are doomed.

If I bet you $5, I will pay up.

One thing to cling to is that Cheney probably wont run in 08. But the damage is done.

What does this say about how we should behave?

Go hug someone; they probably need it.

It is OK to be totally fucking depressed for today, but tomorrow we have to go out and live life to the absolute fullest, we have to.


I am so sorry.


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