Still ringing
1:35 p.m. on November 16, 2004
Firstly, thanks for all the love & support, it means so much, you have no idea.

Secondly, I am sick. I am also at work, which just adds to the pleasure of feeling so pukalicious!

On top of the incessant ringing in my left ear, I became quite ill with what seemed like the stomach flu. Sorry to be graphic, but I was ass-vomiting all weekend and just felt like general hell.

I went to the specialist on Monday expecting to get an MRI for my ear. She said she did not want to jump to the conclusion that I have an Acoustic Neuroma like my other Doctor thought, and wants to wait on the MRI. She did not think 5 days was very long, as far as ear ringing goes; if my ear is still ringing in a week, then we can schedule one. Ohkay. She thinks that I may have some sort of viral infection, since I feel so icky. Mmhmmm. She gave me no treatment & sent me on my way. Super.

--Begin Rant--
Frankly, I have very little faith in the medical community. I am mad at my regular doctor for scaring the hell out of me by telling me that I could have a benign tumor near my brain without giving me a more pleasant option number two. I very rarely get treatment or advise from a doctor that helps, especially if something is actually wrong and I know far too many people who have been seriously ill for years & no one even knows what is even wrong with them.
--End Rant--

Anyhoody! Sorry to do the obligatory “I am Sick” post.

Stay safe and warm.

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