Papa can you hear me
11:32 a.m. on December 03, 2004

My ear is still ringing. I went and got a hearing test today; it was sort of an odd experience. Basically you click a button every time you hear a sound. I was getting a little paranoid when long spans of time were passing between me getting to click the button. Then she moved on to phase-two, where she says words into my headphones & I have to repeat them back. This started out cheerful enough, with two syllable words like: Hotdog, railroad, shoelace, ice cream, and sidewalk. Then is took a strange turn that began to effect my self esteem and bum me out when she started using one syllable words like: Fat, death, rag, weak, wet, dead, smell, hate, poor, sad and frump. I swear to God, I almost began to cry. Luckily it ended there, but the results were not so good. I have the hearing of a 64 year old. My conversational hearing is below normal & my high pitch hearing is at the bottom of the chart. This did not surprise me as my Mother was profoundly hard of hearing and my aunt is as well. They both began to lose their hearing as adults & also experienced various degrees of a ringing in the ear.

The doctor said I for sure need to get that MRI to make sure I do not have a brain tumor and we will keep monitoring my hearing every six months. I have the appointment for the MRI on Monday morning, so stay tuned.

Happy weekend.

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