MRI feel fine
12:39 p.m. on December 06, 2004

I donít recommend getting an MRI, especially if you are claustrophobic. They stick you waist deep into a tube with your head fully fenced in. I kept my eyes closed, because opening them to see that I barely had half an inch of space between my face & the cage was a little unnerving. I may have a touch of claustrophobia, because I did get the sense that I could not breathe and wanted to bolt the hell out of there. I could feel the bubble of panic, but keeping my eyes closed & concentrating on my breathing helped. They also piped in some bad alt. Rock that helped to keep track of time. I was bummed, because of the 3 people who I know who have had MRIís all said they got a shot of Valium before going in to help you stay calm and still, but I got bupkiss!

I had to take off all my jewelry & also my bra with under wire. I got to wear a green scrub shirt that looked cute on me, but I also had to wear a shower cap, which did not look cute on me. The hardest part was having to hold COMPLETELY still for about forty-five minutes. My head was locked in place, but I desperately wanted to shift my back and then I began to feel insane when I needed to swallow, but was not allowed. The MRI machine is a crazy magnet that is 10 times more powerful than one of those huge junkyard magnets they use to pick up cars. It made a very loud banging noise that would change periodically and would sometimes drown out the music they were piping into my head. This was probably a good thing, because when I hear music, all I want to do is dance. Despite lying down with my eyes closed & listening to music, the incessant clanging of the MRI was for sure harshing my mellow. They stopped for a minute to inject me with a liquid that would make my brain glow so they could get a real good look at everything, and then the banging started up again. I counted 300 more Mississippiís and then it was over. I had a line across my whole forehead from the shower cap & they sent me on my way. It takes about 48 hours for them to read the 100 or so X-ray things & then we will see. I feel pretty confident they will not find anything, but best to be on the safe side.

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