and then I woke up
11:13 a.m. on December 20, 2004

In my dream I was hanging out with Johnny Depp. We were chatting it up, laughing at each otherís jokes and commiserating on life as a whole. It seemed like we were chilling with each other for hours. He looked scruffy, like more from the Gilbert Grape days and was taller than I would have expected. After what seemed like a few hours, he told me how much he liked me. I was silent, but smiling broadly. He shyly pointed out my non-response, & I just said that I was processing. Then he jumped on me in a fit of passion and we had that kind of sex where your breath gets all crazy from the excitement. It lasted a long time and he paid attention to my needs and everything. We even talked for a while afterwards. I donít know why I had that dream; he is not even my favorite actor.

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