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9:41 a.m. on January 12, 2005

An email from my sister:

Hey, Are you OK?
I had a series of very strange dreams last night. My last one though was the kicker. You had died. We were in your old room at mom's. I was dressing you in this red flouncy thing, lots of tulle I guess (that lacy material on tutu's), so I never really saw your face because of all this flouncy stuff. Anyway, I started to panic and get very upset because I needed to put on your stockings (it was cold). I found this pair of underwear tights (?) but they had a big hole in the knees and the feet were wet and dirty. I started laughing because that was so you when you were little. Then I was freaking out because I couldn’t find your favorite earrings, some kind of drop ones like you wore at your friends wedding. Then I don't know what to put in the casket. I am running around looking for stuff that has meaning (I found a scrap of paper that had a poem on it). So during all of this panic, mom is sitting on the couch cutting strands of her jewelry. She had all of these really chunky pieces of necklaces that she was cutting in half to make long strands. She said she liked how I decorated some shelves with strands of beads so she was giving me all of her old necklaces. She said not to worry so much, or something like that, that you would understand. So I walk back to my old room holding all of these colorful strands of necklaces. So are you all right? Is something wrong, or was this just a dream? I miss you.

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