2:53 p.m. on September 29, 2005

I hate UPS. They were in charge of delivering my elliptical trainer. They would not just leave the package at my house if I were not there to sign for it no matter how much I pleaded. I could have picked it up…at a location 40 MILES AWAY! So I said they could deliver it to my work, despite the embarrassment of my coworkers seeing my plans for fitness. It was supposed to come yesterday, but it came today completely banged up, fingers crossed that it is not damaged, because I want to USE IT!! It is in a huge box and clearly requires assembly. Suck! It weighs 400 pounds & I will be dammed if I know how I am going to get it into my car.

Yes, I am in a lousy mood.

A cancer patient yelled me at for one hour today and he made me cry. I am still off kilter & shaken up. I have gotten some nastiness from other people today, too, and just feel really done with humans for right now.

Luckily I am on my way to a 4-day weekend trip to Chicago. Unluckily it is for a memorial for Sasha’s Grandfather who was a stellar man.

I still have to pack and have 400 other things to do before we go, including going BACK to the dentist! GAH!

I am all aggravated. I just drank an angry cup of coffee.

Have a good weekend; I will leave you with this:

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