Another one of these
2:07 p.m. on March 11, 2005

My route to work takes me by the neighborhood cemetery.
As I drive past each morning, I always look in through the breaks in the fence, just out of habit. About 2 weeks ago, when I was looking in, I thought I saw a dog standing in a grassy area near a new grave. When I got up to the next spot in the fence where I could look through again, he was gone. I was not sure if I really saw it or not, perhaps it was a statue or something. Now every day I drive past, I look for this dog; I thought I saw it a few other times. Yesterday I for sure saw it again for a split second, in the same exact spot. It looked sort of like a German Sheppard, but again, by the time I got to the next opening, I could not see it anymore.

I was really late for work this morning, but as I drove by the cemetery, I saw him sitting in the grass and his head turned, so I KNEW it was not a statue. I pulled my car over and got out as quietly as I could. I approached the fence where I had seen him. The ivy obscured me, but I could see through it pretty well. Sure enough, he was there, in the same spot as usual. He had sensed me and was starting to run off, but then he stopped and peered back at me. I got a good look at him and realized that it was not German Sheppard, but a Gray Wolf *. What was he doing there and why does he return to this same spot in the cemetery day after day? Shouldn’t he be hiding somewhere sleeping in the daytime? Maybe he is the spirit animal of the person who’s grave he visits (you never know, people, come on!).

He continued to trot off, stopping every once and awhile to look back at me.

I am going to investigate further this weekend. I have to at least see who he is visiting or protecting. Maybe I should bring him some raw meat.

*Side note: The only other time I have seen a wolf has been at the zoo. My first memory of ever going to the zoo was when my Dad took me to the one in San Francisco when I was really young. When we went to buy our tickets, they told us we had to wait before they could let us in. A wolf had escaped and they were trying to catch him. About 15 minutes later, a truck drove through the entrance gate with the wolf in the back, asleep from the tranquilizer gun.

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