B O O M ! ! !
2:01 p.m. on June 03, 2005

I have been driving around with a gas leak for about a month. It has been a drag with the cost of fuel and all, but I was hoping I could avoid dealing with it for a while for some reason. Today the garage manager where I park for work had a “talk” with me. He caught me after I sidled in to my space and said that I was a hazard to the entire garage full of cars and the offices above. I called my Mechanic and he freaked saying it could blow at any minute. If I was at a stoplight & someone threw a lit cigarette, I would be a GONER! I am going to take it to him after work & get a rental for the weekend, but now I am super paranoid that it is going to blow within the next 3 hours, taking lives and destroying property.

I have been SUCH a spacer lately, more so than usual. Three times in the span of one week, I have left my keys in the ignition of my car with the doors unlocked in public places. Once I even left my wallet on the seat. One day the car will just be gone, whether it blew up or someone simply assumed it was free and took off with it.

Anyway, if I don’t see you, have a goody.

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