Brain Frazzle
12:38 p.m. on May 16, 2005

I am exhausted. I barely got any sleep last night and the sleep I did get was mucked up by chaotic dreams of total non-sequiturs. It was like someone was changing the channels in my brain in rapid succession ALL NIGHT LONG pausing only to reflect on some music video type of confusing imagery. This post may reflect my disordered mental state.

I do not like Tom Cruise; never have. I admit there was a moment during his performance in the film Magnolia’s that I almost gave him a chance, until the big crying scene and then I was back to disliking him. This thing with him and Katie Holmes just gives me the major Willie-Wonkas.

Last year, the bunny park had one million bunnies. This year the bunny park has ONE BILLION BUNNIES! Soon they will run out of grass in the park and will start a bunny mob through all the lawns of Seattle and will make their way into the supermarkets to ravage the produce aisles, before they develop a taste for HUMAN BLOOD!!!

Speaking of supermarkets. If there is just one person shopping down the aisle where I need to pick up my item, that one person will ALWAYS be standing right in the very spot in the aisle where my item is, causing me have to wait until they MOVE out of the way. Or if there are TWO shoppers in the aisle, inevitable they will have positioned their carts across from each other in such a way that they block the ENTIRE aisle for any other shopper to walk by. On the rare occasion that Sasha will accompany me to the grocery store, he will make the gross error of not following cart protocol and will leave it in a skewed fashion in the middle of the aisle blocking other shoppers and garnering us some dirty looks.

I get a headache every Sunday night, because the television will inexorably get flipped to the channel with Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and I will immediately start crying. I did have a dream that we were getting our home made over and Ty was in charge of creating my secret room and he did it in the model of a candy store with shelves and shelves of candy bars and gum and skittles. That was a good dream.

I am getting a lot of strange German Spam lately. What does this mean: Verbrechen der deutschen Frau?

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