11:55 a.m. on March 01, 2005

At my last job where I worked for 7 years, the employee bathroom was a spacious one-hole with a full-length mirror. You could take your time, because no one else could come in while you were in there. At my new job, there are 3 stalls in the ladiesí room, so it can be a high traffic area.

I am shy and anti-social, so an ideal trip to the loo includes being able to enter, sit down & wash up with no public interruption. The only other scenario I donít mind, is if someone is already in a stall, when I enter another, but they are finished and washed up and gone by the time I exit said stall, especially if the sound of the running water while they wash their hands camouflages the sound of my own running water.

I hate having to make pleasantries with other co-workers in the bathroom. I take exception to any woman who is poised at the sink, reapplying make-up or brushing their hair while I need to do my business. This is especially bad when I need to poop. I am generally a fast pooper, but I hate having to come up with inventive ways to cover up any plopping sounds.

The VP has bizarre bathroom habits. Often she brings her phone in with her and has actual business conversations while she is taking a leak. Then she rushes out without washing her hands. She has done this right in front of me and I assuage my horror by pretending she has vats of that anti-bacterial lotion stuff in her office.

Here is a photo of a bathroom in Japan. This would not work for me.

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