12:27 p.m. on May 09, 2006

I sold my old car! Buying & selling cars is a sucky process that I hope to avoid doing again for many years. I sold a car 2 years ago and my experience this time around was almost exactly the same. I had about 2 dozen people contact me, but not many actually came out to look at it. The first person to look at it was a huge freaky jerk that verbally berated me in an attempt to get me to go down on the price by more than half. This causes me to want to immediately flee and even if he gave me my asking price in cash on the spot, I would not let him have my car. I have always had old cars that meant something to me, like an old, beloved pet that pees on the carpet. It is not their fault and I always feel a little guilty when trading the car to strangers for a bit of cold, hard cash.

The first guy to look at the BMW was such a scary asshole, meeting him for 5 minutes threw me off my whole axis for the next 5 hours. He actually yelled at me and called my car names. His Mom was with him and she was rather sweet or else I would have tossed out an obscene gesture or two as I high tailed it out of the Costco parking lot.

Like the last time around, the second person to look at the car was a good soul who did pay me my asking price in cash without too much trouble. This time it was a young kid getting ready to graduate high school and needed a car for the summer before heading off to college. He showed up in flip-flops on his feet and girlfriend in tow. He did not even look under the hood or drive it on the freeway; one quick spin around the Costco parking lot and he knew he had a good car at a rock bottom price. It was really quite sweet watching him drive off with the old girl, more on the shoulder than on the actual road.

Now our front yard looks slightly less like a used car lot.

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