Deep Tissue
9:52 a.m. on February 22, 2005

I got a professional massage last night. It was a gift from Sasha two Christmases ago. I had made an appointment a while back that I had to cancel when I got sick and the lady that I cancelled with said she would let Mark the masseur know. Mark? It had not occurred to me that the Masseuse would be male. I do not know why it would bother me since my Gynecologist is male and that seems a tad more intimate. When I made the appointment for last night, they said it would be with Michelle and I was relieved. I have only gotten a massage 3 other times in my life and it has always been with a woman; there is something just nice about that.

Anyway, I get to the salon and they do the whole thing of giving you lemon water and almonds, giving you a fluffy robe to cover your nudeness as you wait in the lounge or sauna. Finally Michelle came to get me and lo and behold it is actually Michel and he is a man. There is something sort of misleading about that as he did not even have an accent, but I roll with it.

I pick my scent, an orange lemon jasmine, and then he leaves the room for a sec so I can disrobe and get under the sheet. He returns explaining that he is also an acupuncturist and knows a lot about pressure points. I do not want a lot of chitchat, so I close my eyes and he goes to town. It was more of a beating than a massage, but that is how I like it. He used every ounce of his body, digging his elbow into my back, arms, neck and thighs. Since he was good with pressure points, I hoped he would do my butt and that he did. He grabbed a chunk of it and asked if I could feel that pressure point, I assured him that I could. He grabbed both my ass cheeks, one in each hand and shook. I am not sure what purpose this served other than to make all my jiggly spots jiggle, but I was not about to complain. Luckily my face was down in the donut hole of the table, because I was making many expressions of pain, surprise and astonishment as he touched me everywhere but my vagina.

I think he may have been sick, because he kept sniffing and I could hear the wetness of snot shooting up his nasal cavity and back down his throat. It was sort of ruining the mood for me, especially when he sneezed. Both his hands were on my back when he hatchood and all I could think about was where did that sneeze go? I was unnerved as I thought of his sneeze germs swirling around the room and up through the donut hole to my lungs with all the deep breathing I was supposed to be doing.

The massage session ended with a spanking. He seriously spanked my ass and continued to spank my back, thighs and balls of my feet. Then he clapped his hands a few times and we were done. It was for sure an unusual experience, but enjoyable overall.

I hit the shower to wash off all the orange lemon jasmine oil and to use the Aveda products. The shower was one of those removable heads, which always makes me think of masturbation, but I resisted. After all that, the last thing I wanted to do was put my bra and underwear back on, so I stuffed them in my coat pocket and jetted out of there.

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