10:53 a.m. on August 24, 2006

Last night I ended up at a pub with Sasha & two of his male friends. I always wondered if groups of boys talked as much about private parts and bodily functions as groups of girls and the answer was yes, at least these men in particular. After much poop talk and simulated jerking off, the topic turned to testicles. One story was how a friend of one of these guys was walking through the University campus when he was struck by a sudden and severe pain in his nether region. He grabbed his crotch and fell to his knees and began screaming: “MY BALLS! MY BALLS!” A crowd ran up to him asking what the matter was, but all he could do was yell out: “MY BALLS! MY BALLS!” Someone was able to get a nurse who was stationed on the campus; she came running over to the afflicted man and asked him what the matter was. He screamed: “MY BALLS! MY BALLS!” The nurse had an idea and immediately reached down into his pants and flicked his nut sac. The man had a strangulated testicle. What is that, you ask? When he was walking, one of them got kind of twisted around and coiled up like a sad balloon animal.

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