You've been poopiebitch-slapped.
12:28 on 24 March, 2006
Hi, I'm poopiebitch. I have a diary around here somewhere, but I haven't updated it lately so don't get too excited. Cloudy graciously invited me to post a guest entry, so here I am.

For your entertainment, I will tell you a story from my youth. For your sanity, I will keep it short.

I was home schooled.

One summer, when I was nine, my parents signed up my two older sisters and me to take a PE class for home school students. The teacher was tall and skinny, with dark hair and a mustache. Come to think of it, he looked a little like Freddy Mercury, although I didn't know who that was at the time. If I had, I'm sure I would have seen the resemblance.

Anyway, I fell just under the age for the older class, but to prevent my parents from having to deal with us going to two different classes at two different times, I was allowed to join the older group.

One day a fat little twelve-year-old boy pushed me over, and I landed on my right arm. It hurt really bad, and I told the teacher I needed to leave, but he didn't believe me and wouldn't call my parents. My sisters got mad at him and told him to call my parents, but he still wouldn't. I had to sit through the rest of the class, trying not to cry. It turned out my arm was fractured in two places.

That is why I don't like men with mustaches.

I will now share with you a short list of things I have come to realize, as I've gotten older.

  • Not all babies are beautiful.

  • Being smarter than everyone around you is meaningless, if there is no one around smart enough to notice.

  • People die when you least expect it.

  • One man's trash really is another man's treasure.

  • Sometimes, when parents say "it's for your own good", they're lying.

  • Smoking does make some people look cool.

  • I will never, ever have street cred.

Last of all, some pictures.

I am poopiebitch:

I have a lovely husband:

And two, bad-ass nephews:

I like taking pictures:

And making cakes that look like other things:

That's about it.

Thank you Cloudy for the invite, and for being so damned cool.

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