Holiday Schmoliday
4:53 p.m. on December 12, 2005

I wanted to skip the holidays altogether this year, but could not help but do a little something for each family member. After one day of shopping consisting of hitting one book store, one bird store & 3 online stores, I think I am done with my 12 family members and have spent just $320. I did not wait in line overnight for the 5am super sales. I did not get into any fistfights over the new X-box or road rage over the mall parking. I just have to contend with the 8-mile line at the post office to send all my packages for a timely arrival!

I am not a holiday person. I donít like the music or the Santaís or the religion. I am not a big fan of the new fad of giant inflatable snowmen on the lawn, but do delight in driving around the neighborhood after sundown and seeing all the pretty, twinkly lights. My holiday wish came true and the in-laws will not be spending Christmas with us this year. I love them, but after spending the last 4 in row with them, I feel sort of forced into acting out traditions that are not my own and I need a break. This is about their visit last year.

I hate to sound like a Bitchy Grinchy, because I have always had fortune on the holidays, as accounted here. It is just different now, you know?

Sasha & I are going to run off alone for the holiday weekend this year and go skiing in the mountains. Ironically, the town where I booked our hotel is also known as Christmas town.

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