12:21 p.m. on September 27, 2004
Going to sleep last night, my cat started coughing and then I started coughing. I half wondered if there was a gas leak & then I drifted off. When I got up this morning to make coffee, I for sure smelled something awful. I forgot about it when I went outside to feed the squirrels. The screen door locked me out, so I had to go around and when I finally got back in the house, I could smell the air thick with gas & I wanted to vomit. I checked the oven, but it said off. I told Sasha & when he checked the oven it did not say off it said one burner was on low with no flame. Gads. The house had been filling up with gas for 12 hours. We opened the windows, but were breathing it in heavily for the hour before we left. That pukey gas smell has been stuck in my nose all morning. I feel sick and my head feels like a train hit it, but glad I am not dead.

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