Teranika's 'ding thing
4:43 p.m. on 2006-04-04
It seems odd to post this news as a guest in coldandgray's journal, but given that everything else about our nuptials has been totally bizarre, why not? I've also had the pleasure of recently reading about her celebrations - so, my dear CandG, here we go:

One week ago, K and I finalized our wedding plans and decided to marry in Greenwich, CT, on the beach near the officiant's home. We drove over and signed ourselves up, swore up and down that we are who we say we are. We paid the 30 bucks and got a "License to Marry" (which still makes me think of James Bond). And then we promptly went out and bought a load of painkillers (poetry of this timing was not lost on us).

In spite of our resolution to minimize plans, our life has been a complete blur ever since. My best friend arrived from the UK on Thursday. I finished my lecture at 1am following her arrival. She sat through my rather short lecture on Friday, and then we drove BACK to CT to pick up the license, and to do some highbrow shopping (saw a really ugly suit for $1500 - who buys these things??). Got tired of highbrow shopping and so returned to NY, and prepared for our THIRD drive to CT the next day...

April Fool's Day because with a joke on my best friend B, who woke up feeling something warm and sticky on her feet...She pulled up the covers to find a massive brown liquid blob all over her feet, sheets, and PJs. Mother of three, her immediate exclamation was, "IT WASN'T ME! IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE CATS!!" (It really looked disgusting). Closer inspection revealed that it probably WAS the cats..and K. As a goodnight gift, K placed a chocolate Easter egg on B's pillow, underneath the blanket. Somehow, the egg migrated down to B's feet in the night and leaked sticky brown liquid all over the place. Perhaps that little tinfoil-covered egg had the help of a curious fuzzy feline named Mizzy...Anyway, the whole event was exciting, and fulfilled our daily need for an April Fool's prank.

Between shopping and preparing, preparing and shopping, I remember very little of the rest of the day. We shopped, we ate, we cleaned, we did laundry, we prepared oogabs of food for a few guests. We picked a few last-minute daffodils out of a friend's garden so that I could have a bouquet. We drove through CT in a rainstorm that cleared up just in time for us to stand on a beach in the wind and cold, which to me was dramatic and beautiful. We returned to the car under umbrellas, drove out around the point to enjoy the coast of LI Sound, and then came home to set up for the evening.

It's still kind of surreal to call K my spouse. Even more surreal to use the terms 'husband' and 'wife.' We didn't really have a wedding, and yet the whole event was very tiring, and I realized that I was so discombobulated through the whole thing that I couldn't have done it without my best friend there. K and I were forgetting everything - and as a result, B was the photographer, the coat rack, the navigator, the logistics planner, the therapist, the matron of honor, and best man all rolled into one. Thank god for B.

I have to say that my favorite day was the DAY AFTER when the three of us had a chance to relax. We took a taxi to Brooklyn Heights and then just walked all over the place - across the Brooklyn Bridge, down to the Battery, and then back up to Washington Square. The weather was absolutely spectacular. We saw all of the free New York sights - the things that make you love being in New York. It was a perfectly wonderful day in the sun - I will remember it as the celebration that followed the action items of the day before - the fun that follows ceremony and signatures.

B returned to England Monday night, and K and I collapsed into little sleepy comas. And now I am back at the office, facing the piled-up work, still not over the sense that I want to rush home after work to 'play' with K. And still, 'play' constitutes everything from sitting around to doing laundry together. Life with him is just more fun.

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