1:57 p.m. on July 11, 2007

Dreams during pregnancy can get very strange. Mine have mainly been insanely graphic pornos, but I had an odd one last night that I decided to post on a pregnancy board and see if I could solicit some dreams from other pregnant women. This is what I got:

I dreamt I gave Birth to a cat.
It got really interesting when I tried to breast feed.
Any other bizarre dreams out there?

“I dreamt that I wanted the check the baby's gender, so I unzipped my belly. I wasn't at all disturbed when I pulled out dirty laundry, but I started to feel guilty, since I knew I wasn't supposed to unzip, so I put the laundry back.”

“I had a dream the other night that when I gave birth, the baby was in black and white, like the ultrasound.”

“My husband decided for some reason that we needed to deliver the baby, and he did. (Labor was surprisingly easy) He cut the cord and we were holding him/her (I forgot to check if it was a boy or girl) when DH says I think we need to put it back and leave it for a while. So he does, (how? I don't really know) at this point I can actually feel the outline of the baby's body in my stomach. A few weeks later we decide that it's again time to deliver and out comes a ceramic statue that looks like it was once a baby. As I hold it the head falls off and sand starts pouring out of it. I couldn't believe it, we ended up thinking that we "dried it out" because we cut the cord off before shoving it back in!”

“I constantly dream I gave birth to cats or tigers in some of the dreams I could see through my skin and could see them in there. I had one dream where I decided I was going to take the tiger out for just a minute to look at it (how it got out I don't know) but when I took it out it ran off and was hiding under the house.”

“A few times I dreamt about giving birth to 3 skunks and the hardest part was trying to diaper them.”

“I decided I wanted my baby so I pulled it out, rather nonchalant. It was too small though, so I decided to put it back in but I couldn't get it in and I was freaking out! It went on and on and on, with me trying to find some way to get the baby back in there!”

“I dreamed that I gave birth to this beaver looking animal. I tried to breastfeed it, but its teeth were really long. Then the animal tried to find my "other" nipples by biting down along my stomach. The animal didn't realize that, as a human, I only have two nipples to offer.”

“I dreamed I had cat twins!! We went to the doctor and he said the baby wasn't ready, so we would have cats instead. We brought them home in car seats and everything!”

“I had a dream that you came up with another baby name and we were trying to guess it. You gave us the hint that it was also the name of a kind of meat.”

“I was dreaming that I was chewing this big thing of gum and couldn't get it out of my mouth and ended up pulling out the gum with a tooth, and then part of my jaw came out with a bunch of teeth on it. I looked up the meaning and it said that it may represent a retreat to infancy (when, toothless, you enjoy your mother's breasts and nourishment), and hence a refusal to face reality. Alternatively, they may symbolize the start of a new phase in your life.”

“My husband and I were wandering around a swinger's club that was like a huge warehouse full of bedrooms. We were mostly naked, just walking through, but we couldn't find anyone we liked enough to have sex with. We considered a couple (who in real life are very vague acquaintances), but she seemed too nervous. The club was having theme nights every night that week, and the next one was Bring Your Pet--and we were discussing bringing back our pet ginkgo the next night.”

“I keep having this dream about sand zombies and their alternate reality taking over the world.”

“Last night I dreamed I was an FBI agent and got shot twice in the stomach!”

“One night I dreamt that I was a maid or caretaker of this elderly lady, when I went into her home, she was hanging, but was too high for me to cut down. When I called 911 I talked to a coworker (I actually do work in a 911 center), she put me on hold to notify my supervisor. While I was on hold the elderly lady stood up, walked backwards and sat on the couch. She was rocking back and forth and would not take her eyes off of me. I was screaming, trying to get my friend back on the phone, but it was muffled, like I had no voice...I was so determined to be heard that I ended up screaming out waking both myself and my husband. All he could say was that I had been screaming like a Wookie.”

“I am inundated with lesbian sex dreams; very vivid and elaborate encounters.”

“I woke up from having my baby. I asked a nurse to bring me my baby and she said you had a big baby. I said how much did he weigh she said 9lbs. 2 of my uncles came in the room and they told me she lied to me and my baby was a preemie. When they brought my son to me he was the ugliest looking creature I ever laid my eyes on. His left hand was 3 times bigger than his right, his eyes were practically bugging out his head and one leg was longer than the other. He also had all this skin hanging down from under his arms. I asked them why he went from being 9lbs to a preemie and they said OH that just happens sometimes.”

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