Friday after work
11:25 a.m. on April 19, 2005

After work on Friday, Sasha invited me to meet him for happy hour at the Paragon. Once we got there, he told me he invited the motorcycle guy along with his girlfriend and their friend, Gammon to join us. I guess their schedule was flexible, so they were not leaving town until the following day. While we waited for them, I ordered and reordered my favorite froofy drinks which were on happy hour special. We also ordered some appetizers. They showed up timelier than I expected. When the motorcycle guy walked through the door, he had the presence of a tornado; all eyes were on him. His hair was in dreads piled up high on his head like a palm tree; he even had a little paper umbrella stuck in it. His beard was long and pointed, which made his face seem very elongated. He actually reminded me of this character from Rudolph the red nose reindeer; if you can picture the hat as palm tree dreads and the demeanor more like a deadly windstorm.

Anyway, we ordered more drinks & more appetizers. By this time, the alcohol had loosened me up enough that my morbid shyness was taking a nap, so I could converse more freely & laugh more hysterically. To my shock, the motorcycle guy picked up the tab and thanked us for the year and a half worth of storage of his bike. We then headed back to our place for more beers and cheese puffs. They finally loaded up the motorcycle and were on their way to a myriad of other friendís houses to pick up more items they had stored at each location.

I was elated that the machine is finally gone and pleased they left at a relatively early hour. I settled in for some relaxation that lasted about 5 minutes before the doorbell rang. It was some friends of the motorcycle guy who heard he was here, but were a tad too late. Sasha was three-sheets-to-the-wind by this time, so he invited them in and made them dinner. It turned out to be a long night, but nothing could dampen my spirit now that the motorcycle was no longer taking up space and rotting in my front yard. Now if I could only get rid of that giant pile of wood Sasha stacked up there the day we moved in.

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