Humans And You
10:09 a.m. on 2006-04-03
There are Ten Things you need to know about humans.

The first two things arenít important because they are so minor and obvious that its not even worth meantioning, but despite that fact, you still need to know them. This would be like if I were to say, there are 34 things you need to know about math, but the first two are 1) Numbers Exist and 2) Math involves combining numbers together. Now while those are simple fact, and totally obviosus you need to know them and in some upper level courses you will discover how to prove those facts.

Of course if you arenít a nerd, you can just prove them by accepting them. This is much the same way Snoop Doggy Dogg became popular.

The Third thing you need to know about humans is that we like salt. This doesnít sound very interesting but if you ever are going to throw a house party or want to tempt a human, its better to do with salt. Not sugar. This also is the case with Mice who like peanut butter more than cheese.

The fourth thing you need to know about humans is that there are two different types. Males and Females. Males can be identified by their larger frames and lack of responsiveness. Females can be identified by a curvier frame and a general agitated demeanor.

The fifth thing you need to know about humans is a general thing that you need to know about all things in the universe. First they enjoy staying at rest if at rest. They also can be won over by fuel.

The Sixth thing you need to know about humans is that the men tend to desire procreation more often than the women, which puts the women at a distinct advantage over the males based on most supply demand models. Also the women have invented a monopoly like idea in which they shut off other markets of procreation allowing men to only buy from one store.

The Seventh thing you need to know about humans is that they are terrible dancers. Even with two legs, they arenít even remotely graceful.

The eight thing that the your need to know is that even though 98% of humans believe in God, they often fight with each other over which godÖas if they had some facts to point to on the subject.

The ninth thing is that humans like kitties.

The Final thing you need to know about humans is their breath is, on the whole, terrible. This can be quiet startling if one is not prepared.

If you have any other questions you can direct them to me at My Website which has been home to human related questions for over three years.

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